About the Artist, and About our Materials

“Twice wild, she swept us ashore.” - Karen J. New

About the Artist:

Charlotte Nickerson has been creating her handmade jewelry pieces for over 12 years, first studying under Elise Mathisen before going on to found Twice Wild to fufill her artistic vision of creating wearable art that is accessible to everyone.  Taking inspiration from her Nova Scotian roots and her experiences living across Canada and the United States, she then very carefully hand-selects every strand of beads so that every piece speaks with the voice it was meant to.  She specializes in unique and bespoke jewelry pieces, creating custom works on commission.

Her jewelry studio is located in the village of Beverly Hills, Michigan.  Her three studio helpers include two feline bead inspectors (Nigel and Moira, a black domestic shorthair, and a Maine Coon, respectively), and her husband, Joe.


Allergy information:

Our earwires are typically sterling silver (.925), however, we offer both stainless steel and titanium earwire replacements if you cannot tolerate sterling wires.  We offer this free of charge, please reach out to us via our contact page with your order number, and we will be happy to change the earwires of any of the pieces you have ordered to either of these options.

Materials we work with:


.925 sterling silver, niobium, titanium, and copper


.925 sterling silver, copper, lead-free pewter, steel, plated brass

Design elements:

Semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystal, and glass.